Your martial arts journey started with your first step on to the training floor.

This is the place in your journey where you can make a difference. Many people believe karate or martial arts is just about kicking and punching. You now know it is much more. You know it is a journey of potential. Please take some time to share your journey the good times and the hard times in your training and how it has led you here. How it helped you see the world around you and make better decisions. Please do not rush this part as it can make such an impact on so many you can inspire.

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Tell Your Story…

Action Effect Stories

My Black Belt Story

After years of effort, I will be testing for my senior black belt. This is the second time I will be testing as I had already earned my junior black belt 3 years ago. I have not accomplished this alone. I’ve had support from family, friends and my instructors. Karate has helped me with focus, discipline, confidence, control, fitness and most importantly, I have fun!

Jason  – Action Karate New Britain June 11, 2014 at 10:14 pm

My Black Belt Journey

Before karate I was not flexible and did not cope with things a well as I do now. My mom wanted me to do karate but I refused and didn’t want to do it. I thought it would just be kicking and I would get hurt. But my mom brought me and we did a lesson. At first I didn’t understand everything but I worked throughout it. By the time I got my yellow belt I didn’t think it was a big deal. But as I reached the 2nd phase I got so excited every time I earned a belt. I started to get more strong and more involved. By the time I was in the 3rd phase my kicks were very high. I was able to use weapons and I was so involved that I got onto the jr. demo team by my brown belt. Then I realized I was really good at staff, so the bow-staff became my weapon. Then I reached my red belt and was excited for my black belt. But I didn’t know yet that it would be so much work. I had to review all katas and self defense until they were all perfect. I also had to learn a few new things including jump roping and combinations. When the pre test came I was ready for it. It was very hard and felt like I was going to give up, but I persevered through it. Now I know what it is like and my heart and I are ready for the big day. By learning Karate, I have gained flexibility and it has helped me enhance my mental abilities. Now I can concentrate better, I have learned self-discipline, self confidence, respect for others, self defense and focus. I love karate and what it has done for me. That is my karate story.

Brian  – Action Karate Huntington Valley June 6, 2014 at 9:54 pm

My Action Story


Candidate for Junior Black Belt
June 7, 2014
Action Karate – Huntingdon Valley, PA

My Action Karate story started in the 1st grade when my friend and classmate, Ryan Beavers, presented me with a Valentine’s card for me to attend 3 free classes at Action Karate – Huntingdon Valley. Ryan loved karate and I wanted to join his team. My mom called for an appointment and my grandmother took me to see Mr. Clark. It was fun. I got a black uniform (Ghee). I learn my first front kick and how to stand at attention and do the Natural Stance. Mr. Clark took a picture of me and gave it to gram to give to my mom.

Mr. Clark gave me a Student Creed to learn and a few chores that needed to be completed prior to coming back for my next lesson. I learned my creed and did my home work assignment and came back the next week. I was so scared. On my first group lesson, I was given a white belt. Mr. Matt and Mr. Atkins had me say the creed all by myself:

“To build true confidence, I must have:
Knowledge of the mind, Honesty in the heart and Strength in the body”

“Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win, I Choose to be a Black Belt!”

My father was not able to play with me nor teach me the basics of sports and the coordination of throwing and catching. We rarely played together. He had a lot of problems he was battling and just could not overcome them. I was sad for the fact that he was not there for me and my sister. My mom and dad divorced that year. Mr. Atkins told me to be strong and to keep being a good “future leader”.

Karate was hard at first but I liked going to the classes. As time went on, I was able to do the front kick, ax kick and round house kick. I grew and developed and earned the next colored level belts. I participated in several Action Karate Tournaments where I placed for both Katas and combinations.

I continued to learn harder kicks and Katas and defense moves. I think when I reached my blue belt; I joined the Black Belt Leadership and needed to learn a new student creed for my Phase II training. The creed was:

“I will develop myself in a positive manner and never do anything that may hinder my mental growth or physical health. ACTION! “

I was given a red Ghee Top to wear and Black Belt Leadership Patch. The classes were harder and more intense. My mom signed me up to take one on one lessons with Mr. Atkins to help with the kicks and my skill level. Mr. Atkins taught me the sword and started to prepare me for the Action Karate Tournament. He wanted me to participate in the Individual Musical Katas competition. My first Kata with sword was to the Michael Jackson – Annie are You OK? Song. Mr. Atkins found great music and prepared a fun routine for me to perform. I was so nervous but when the music started everyone watching started to clap to the music and enjoy the show. I was happy that it was over.

I have worked with Mr. Atkins ever since then and he has prepared me for four more musical kata tournaments. Some I placed and some I didn’t. The learning experience was good. My mother, as always, cried at every single one. She is so emotional and cries at everything.

I eventually moved into the Phase III portion of my Martial Arts training. I have learned to use the following weapons:

Staff, Sword, Arnis sticks and Kamas

My favorite is the staff. I guess that is because Mr. Atkins loves it and he trains me on it during our lessons. I am still working on my neck wrap around. It will come in time.

I did not participate at the tournament this fall as my friends and I were preparing for the Black Belt pre-test. Mr. Atkins gave me and my friend Haddie weekly assignments that we completed to help with our studies and not make the testing so hard. My mom would email them to my friend and we would do the work sheets during the week. We all did well on the pre-test and are now preparing for the Black Belt Spectacular in June.

On January 2nd of this year, my father died. I worried about my mom and knew that I needed to help her. She was sad and so was I. During the memorial service for my dad, many of my friends from school (both Ukrainian and American) came to the church. Mr. Clark and his family came as well and Mr. Atkins and his mother! It was nice to see them. Mr. Atkins sat next to me during the service and made it easier for me. It made me feel good that he was there for me. I was glad to see him and to have him give me support when I needed it. My mom told me that it was very special that they came to see me. It shows that they care for me and that they wanted me to be OK. She said that what Mr. Clark and Mr. Atkins showed as the Black Belt Attitude – to be there for someone in there time of need regardless of what you need to do or where you need to be.

During my three years of attending classes at Action Karate I have learned the following:

Defense Moves:

Anvil, Sweeping Arm Hooks, Circling Serpent, Chocker, Opponents at Sides, Wrap Around, Driving Elbows, Thrusting Salute and Double Blades

Phase II Katas:

Universal Perseverance, Universal Intensity, and Universal Respect

Phase III Weapons Katas:

Arnis Stick Kata, Sword Kata, Kama Kata, Staff Kata,


Wheel, Hook, Front, Side, Inside Crescent, Rear, Outside Crescent, Axe, Roundhouse, Spin Hook, Spin outside Crescent, Spin Side,


Back Knuckle, Reverse Punch, Hook Punch, Ridge Hand


Rising Block,Inward Block, Outward Block, Downward Block

Thank you Action Karate – Huntingdon Valley for supporting me in my studies of Martial Arts and allowing me to the chance to become a great leader in your program and in the world. I want my Action Story to continue through out the years and continue earning my degrees of education in my Black Belt studies.



Bohdan Doyle  – Action Karate Huntington Valley June 6, 2014 at 8:30 am