Your martial arts journey started with your first step on to the training floor.

This is the place in your journey where you can make a difference. Many people believe karate or martial arts is just about kicking and punching. You now know it is much more. You know it is a journey of potential. Please take some time to share your journey the good times and the hard times in your training and how it has led you here. How it helped you see the world around you and make better decisions. Please do not rush this part as it can make such an impact on so many you can inspire.

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The Action Effect

The Action Effect

Throughout life many things change and many stay the same. Philosophers say history always repeats itself and lessons learned should be passed along so the same mistake is not repeated. At Action Karate the journey has crossed many of these lessons learned.
The journey started roughly 3 years ago when our daughter, now 13, wanted to be involved with karate. She has tried her hand at tennis, knitting, guitar lessons but quickly lost interest, but at action, things are much different. Davin has achieved her junior black belt and is a member of the Esteemed Demonstration Team.
After visualizing our daughter’s enthusiasm, it wasn’t long before it became a family affair. Since then my wife has achieved her senior black belt and I will hopefully achieve mine this coming December.
For me, joining karate was multi-faceted. First, I believe in leading by example and that sets a good example for the family and other families. Second, it’s a great exercise program and third, it was on my bucket list.
As a youth, about my daughter’s age, I was bullied at school and didn’t know how to defend myself. I never took the opportunity to learn how to defend myself until I joined Action. This is a lesson learned that my daughter will not have to repeat. At Action there is a lot of focus throughout the year that teaches young students how to counter being bullied. This has made me breathe easier when our daughter is not by my side.
I find it quite interesting that health clubs generate the lion’s share of their revenue in December around the holidays. What’s more interesting is that the average person looses interest after about 6 weeks. I enjoy the workout routines at Action for the fact that every workout, self-defense and kata is a new challenge that pushes one’s limits, both mental and physically thus, never losing interest.
In today’s business environment, one is required to be on top of their game at all times both mentally and physically. The assorted workout routines at Action have helped me fill that need and be able to stay focused and tenacious when accomplishing set goals.
In closing, I would like to say that the culture at Action Karate has created a lot of friendships that are hard to find in today’s world both young and old. As our daughter and other sons and daughters entered middle school this year, there was a lot of anxiety the first week maybe not fitting in or knowing anyone. On the first day, all of a sudden, a familiar face, another Action Karate student, then another and then there were high-fives in the hallway. Action students are great group of students with the same moral compass. This is what helps parents sleep at night and this is how Action Karate has affected change in my life.

Action Karate Jamison Richard Kaufman

Richard Kaufman  – Action Karate Jamison October 29, 2014 at 9:40 pm

My Black Belt Journey

When I was little I always asked my parents if I could try karate. When Action Karate Jamison opened, that’s when my parents decided to let me try it. I was ten when I first started and I was put into the white-yellow-orange belt class. I always looked forward to class and learning something new. I had also looked forward to the tournaments and being able to show what I learned. When I got into the brown belt class, that is where I had even more fun. We were taught different weapons like sword and staff. I was learning more difficult kicks and I always liked a challenge. I have been on the demo team since my first year at karate. I look forward to the challenge of testing for my Black Belt.

Jon Walter  – Action Karate Jamison October 29, 2014 at 7:03 pm

My years through black belt

I started karate when I was 8. when I started I was in the little ninja sharks got my orange belt (orange stripe in the middle).When my brother got his official yellow belt I got my white.I set a lot of mini goals like kick above waist, be a leader for everything etc. I had my first tournament when I was a orange belt I got a 2nd place trophy and a 2nd place medal. when I moved to the purple blue and green class I tried my hardest.I had my second tournament at my blue belt I got a 2nd place trophy and no medal. I was sad I didn’t get a medal but I told my self try again next time!The BBR taught me most of my self defenses and katas.Also I liked learning the spin kicks it was cool when I saw it. When I got my brown belt I had new goals like kick above shoulder, learn weapon katas etc. About the weapon katas I was exited to learn them, and when I did it was fun practicing.I am very thankful for getting invited to black belt testing and I hope I learn more!

Zach Mateo  – Action Karate Jamison October 26, 2014 at 8:18 pm