Your martial arts journey started with your first step on to the training floor.

This is the place in your journey where you can make a difference. Many people believe karate or martial arts is just about kicking and punching. You now know it is much more. You know it is a journey of potential. Please take some time to share your journey the good times and the hard times in your training and how it has led you here. How it helped you see the world around you and make better decisions. Please do not rush this part as it can make such an impact on so many you can inspire.

If you are reporting on your journey as part of your black belt project please remember to link to google or yelp.(You will need to create an account) Links are below.


Tell Your Story…

Action Effect Stories

Brayden Woodring

My son has learned a lot in his 7 months at Action Karate. He enjoys going to class and likes to show us all he is learning. It is helping him to focus more aND also retain information. I am so glad we signed up!!

Kim Pintarich  — Action Karate Nazareth November 19, 2015 at 5:41 pm

My Martial Arts Story

The first time I ever learned about karate was when I was about 7 years old and I went to my friend’s birthday party at Action Karate. I had fun that first time and looked forward to going back again so we joined a class.

Three months later I went to my first promotion night. Not knowing what to expect I was scared, but ended up doing well and earning my yellow belt. That promotion boosted my confidence ten-fold and motivated me do even more. Yellow belt turned to orange and then purple, learning new katas and self-defense moves.

Testing in phase II was far more difficult than promotion. That meant I had to work harder and it took more determination and intensity than ever before. This is when I decided to commit myself to karate fully with a goal to become a junior black belt. I progressed through blue and green belt, learning more and getting stronger. With the discipline I learned at karate, my focus at school improved as well. Taking care of responsibilities by myself became a routine. Earning brown belt was most exciting for me because it meant I could start learning to use weapons, my favorite being staff.

It was frustrating going to testing as a red belt because I didn’t earn anything for all the hard work I did, however I worked just as hard as If I were earning a promotion because I knew that I was working toward something more. Things really changed for me when I was invited to attend Black Belt training class because I knew that the pretest was not far off. I practiced harder and practiced more than I ever had to prepare for the test. I felt scared, but excited at the same time, knowing I had done all that I could to be ready. It meant so much to me that I got somewhat emotional that day.

With Junior Black Belt testing just a week away, I feel scared, yet excited, knowing with confidence that I will meet this challenge because I have learned to do whatever it takes to succeed. I am very proud of what I have accomplished over the last three years and I am ready to add another milestone in earning my Junior Black Belt.

Nathaniel Gates  — Action Karate Huntington Valley October 31, 2015 at 5:02 pm

Action Story

Action Karate has taught me many things besides punching and kicking it has taught me about courage, perseverance, self control and so many different things. It has challenged me and made me a stronger person in the mind body and heart.

Sawyer S.  — Action Karate North Wales October 30, 2015 at 4:40 pm