Your martial arts journey started with your first step on to the training floor.

This is the place in your journey where you can make a difference. Many people believe karate or martial arts is just about kicking and punching. You now know it is much more. You know it is a journey of potential. Please take some time to share your journey the good times and the hard times in your training and how it has led you here. How it helped you see the world around you and make better decisions. Please do not rush this part as it can make such an impact on so many you can inspire.

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Action Effect Stories

Action Karate Rocks

I started at Action Karate almost 4 years ago as an Asah Shark. My parents got me karate lessons for Christmas. I got my picture taken in front of the shark on the wall with Mr. Clark and I still have it in my room. I have grown so much since then. I love going to karate 2 or 3 days a week. Mr. Atkins, Mr. Clark, Sensei Nick, and Sensei Tyler have taught me so much.
For the past two years I have had a problem with a bully at school and while he has never tried to do anything like push or hit me, I know that if I had to, I could defend myself. I have confidence, and no bully can ever take that away from me.
The most difficult things for me at karate are the sit-ups, push-ups and running but I know that I have to keep trying to get better. The things that I am very good at are jumping jacks, jump rope, and the katas (open hand and weapons). I am also very proud to be considered a junior instructor at my school’s enrichment karate program, where I help Mr. Clark teach younger kids karate. My hope someday is to become an instructor at Action Karate. So I will continue on at Action Karate and build my strength and skills. I look forward to my black belt testing challenge.

Kayla Boyle  – Action Karate Huntington Valley December 5, 2014 at 7:43 pm

I, choose to be a Black Belt

I’d been to a lot of previous karate schools before I found Action Karate N.W. None of those schools really taught me anything about karate, or how to be a better person; Action did. The first “class” I had was just a short private lesson with one of the instructors. At first it was quite odd for me, because all the other karate schools I’d tried prior had not approached me like this one did. My first “class,” consisted of a few kicks and punches but also of what the point of being at Action Karate was. That was to have perseverance, self-control, responsibility, and other life changing qualities. I remember being told to memorize the action karate creed. “To build true confidence I must have, knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body!” I left that day repeating the words again, and again. The following week I came back for a second private lesson with the same instructor and I recited those words, exactly. I was then told to stand in Natural Stance until she came back. When she returned she was holding my first belt at Action Karate; my white belt. That was 2.5 years ago.

The rest is “history” as they say, and by that I mean the rest has helped and shaped me to where I am today. I fell in love with karate as I once had when I was a lot younger, before I took a few years of a break. Not only has Action Karate taught me a few kicks, punches, and self-defense (plus more!), but they have helped me with my self-confidence through tournaments, Demo Team, and being a leader in my classes sometimes. I can honestly say, as a fact, that my self-confidence has shot through the roof compared to what it was before Action.

Action Karate is like a second home for me. My instructors are my mentors, and I have made many friends at Action. I now also know that karate isn’t just how well you can throw a punch, or kick a bag, it’s about how you act inside karate, and outside of it, too. It’s about “being the best you can be, not just here at Action, but everywhere you are. You need to have that Black Belt Excellence everywhere.”

So I guess that’s my story. I will be testing for my Black Belt this December 6th.

Olivia B.  – Action Karate North Wales December 4, 2014 at 8:00 pm

Quitters Never Win!!!!

It all started four years ago. My mom and I were at the Jeanes Hospital Fair. One of the vendors was from Action Karate. I told my mom I wanted to learn karate, so we signed up for three free lessons. Before my first lesson my mom, my dad and I went to school and were introduced to the owner, Mr. Clark and the instructor, Mr. Atkins.
I started karate as a white belt in the little ninja class. At my first class Mr. Atkins made it clear that the only thing he would give me is my white belt, everything else I had to earn. After the first three lessons I liked karate, but soon it began to get boring. I began to lose interest and didn’t want to practice. Mr. Atkins only asked us to practice two minutes each day, but I didn’t want to. My parents were paying a lot of money for me to go. I started to get behind and couldn’t figure out how to do certain moves. My karate became very sloppy.
One thing I was very good at was my stances. Mr. Atkins gave me the nickname Miss Stances. This along with the encouragement from my parents and Mr. Atkins helped make classes more enjoyable.
Then, after all of the working and helping, I finally started to enjoy karate. I loved it so much that I got my best friend Hannah to start karate as well. We had so much fun working together. I got stronger, more powerful, and not behind at all. Hey, guess what? Like all of you guys and girls I am testing for my Jr. black belt in December! So this is it!!


Maddie Cooney  – Action Karate Huntington Valley November 28, 2014 at 2:23 pm