Your martial arts journey started with your first step on to the training floor.

This is the place in your journey where you can make a difference. Many people believe karate or martial arts is just about kicking and punching. You now know it is much more. You know it is a journey of potential. Please take some time to share your journey the good times and the hard times in your training and how it has led you here. How it helped you see the world around you and make better decisions. Please do not rush this part as it can make such an impact on so many you can inspire.

If you are reporting on your journey as part of your black belt project please remember to link to google or yelp.(You will need to create an account) Links are below.


Tell Your Story…

Action Effect Stories

Trials and Challenges

Hi, my name is John. This is the story of my karate life. The first day I came to Action Karate I was there to try a class. Little did I know that 3 short years later I would still be attending and looking forward to each lesson.
Sometimes I need reminders to practice and to stay focused. I think without the support and encouragement from my family I would not have accomplished what I have so far.
Sometimes I wanted to give up. Especially when week after week I couldn’t even get 1 point in sparring. I learned that getting a point is not what it’s all about. It’s about learning patience, perseverance and goal setting.n I have learned to take these lessons with me outside of Action Karate. I try to apply what I learn in my school and at home. I hope to continue to improve on my journey to achieve black belt excellence.

John Livezey  – Action Karate Jamison September 15, 2014 at 6:24 pm

My Black Belt Story

After years of effort, I will be testing for my senior black belt. This is the second time I will be testing as I had already earned my junior black belt 3 years ago. I have not accomplished this alone. I’ve had support from family, friends and my instructors. Karate has helped me with focus, discipline, confidence, control, fitness and most importantly, I have fun!

Jason  – Action Karate New Britain June 11, 2014 at 10:14 pm

My Black Belt Journey

Before karate I was not flexible and did not cope with things a well as I do now. My mom wanted me to do karate but I refused and didn’t want to do it. I thought it would just be kicking and I would get hurt. But my mom brought me and we did a lesson. At first I didn’t understand everything but I worked throughout it. By the time I got my yellow belt I didn’t think it was a big deal. But as I reached the 2nd phase I got so excited every time I earned a belt. I started to get more strong and more involved. By the time I was in the 3rd phase my kicks were very high. I was able to use weapons and I was so involved that I got onto the jr. demo team by my brown belt. Then I realized I was really good at staff, so the bow-staff became my weapon. Then I reached my red belt and was excited for my black belt. But I didn’t know yet that it would be so much work. I had to review all katas and self defense until they were all perfect. I also had to learn a few new things including jump roping and combinations. When the pre test came I was ready for it. It was very hard and felt like I was going to give up, but I persevered through it. Now I know what it is like and my heart and I are ready for the big day. By learning Karate, I have gained flexibility and it has helped me enhance my mental abilities. Now I can concentrate better, I have learned self-discipline, self confidence, respect for others, self defense and focus. I love karate and what it has done for me. That is my karate story.

Brian  – Action Karate Huntington Valley June 6, 2014 at 9:54 pm