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  • Love Karate

    I have been doing karate for 2 1/2 years. Karate has given me self confidence. I used to just agree with what people said, now I say what I believe and do not back down from my beliefs if people disagree with me. Karate has …

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  • Better Person

    I have been doing karate for 2 1/2 years. Karate has helped me learn self- controll, self- discipline and confidence. I use to be picked on in school. I would be made fun of, hit kicked and not liked by many people.Now because I’m in …

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  • Improved Confidence

    i remember sitting in the corner of the room curled up in a ball in the early stages of my training because i was too nervous and shy to demonstrate a kata. A lot has changed from that first day. Before i earned my Junior …

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  • Best Day Ever

    I have been in karate since I was 4 years old. This weekend I will be testing for my Junior black belt . Along the way I have learned many Kata’s, kicks and punches but most of all I have learned respect and perseverance. Nothing …

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  • Personal Growth

    One of the best things I ever did, was starting martial arts at Action Karate. I was over weight, 280 Lbs, and out of shape. Not to mention starting to have health issues. I lost 85 Lbs, healthier, more energetic, and personal growth. Our entire …

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